The Palladium Dancers

In 1968 I met and worked with a gang of dancers who worked mainly for the late Choreographer, Pam Devis. They were resident at the Palladium for a long time and supported many of the worlds greatest names in entertainment. One of the dancers-Ondrea Lloyd – I eventually married, and another, Connie Poor, became a lifelong friend to both of us and now lives in Perth Australia.

Connie has worked with just about everyone in the business at some time or other and is now, not only a great mother but grandmother to boot! She is also great source for old photos and recently sent us this picture of the girls, taken in the dressing room during the Val Doonigan Show at the Palladium, shooting a tea commercial.

Connie is in the front with her leg up on a chair back, and Ondrea is to the far left standing.

Anyone remember the Palladium Dancers, or perhaps you were one or know one, please leave a comment, it would great to make contact.

The only other names I can remember in the photo are; Chrissie Martin, Maggie Dew and Gaynor Martine.