In The Beginning

The Spread  in Hereford used to be heard around the house all the time from about 2001.  

Jozif was a regular at the gig and was always so enthusiastic about the venue and the DJ’s who worked there. It wasn’t too long before younger brother Oli started accompanying Jo to the gig, I know ‘The Spread’ holds some fond (and not so fond) memories for them both.  

Next to be recruited to the ‘Spread Team’  was big bro Ben.  Ben is the  technical one, the one who can fix it, whatever ‘it’ is!  When there were problems with the Booth one week, Ben was called out on an ’emergency’. He was there within the hour and within 20 minutes had all the sound and lights back on and functioning perfectly.

Later on Ben completely redesigned and installed the booth and re-sited and installed all the lighting equipment. Hence Ben’s trading title To the best of my recollection Ben went on to promote and run the gig for about 2 years.

Since moving to London four years ago, Jozif and Oli don’t get the opportunity to visit Hereford as much as they would like, and Ben is now busy with, where as well as his ‘fix-it’ roll, he is also producing his own music and that of a number of local bands.