Ideal Business Show – Wales

On Wednesday 3rd September I visited the Ideal Business Show in Cardiff.  It was a 2-day event and the number of businesses who were on display there was refreshing to see, especially in the light of the recession prophecy!

One of the businesses  that put on a colourful show was an Indian restaurant who are located in 131 Albany Road Cardiff, named Punitha’s.  If any of the tasty samples that were available on their stand are anything to go by, then diners are in for a treat! 
There were also a number of excellent speakers present, one of which I have personally heard some great things about – Rachel Elnaugh.  Readers will no doubt remember her from the first series of ‘Dragons Den’.  Unfortunately for Rachel, as I understand it, her business got into some financial trouble (exactly what I do not know) however, she is certainly coming back strong if Wednesday’s presentation is anything to go by. I was unable to stay and listen to the whole of Rachel’s Breakfast Seminar as I had work to do photographing some of the businesses displaying at the show, but when I left she was in full swing talking about how she worked her way out of troubles and offered some good advice to those present on what to do should they have similar problems.