Mitch Mitchell

A sad day today. Heard first thing this morning that Mitch Mitchell had been found dead in a hotel room in Oregon, USA. Apparently he was alone and died of natural causes, he was 61 and the last surviving member of the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

We first met in a dance hall in Putney, London in about 1962 he was 15 and played so good. Although we only met up occasionally we remained good friends. I remember I sold him a bass drum beater I had in my trap case. It had a small round hardwood ball as the beater. As I was still using Calf skins and not plastic at that time, the beater kept smashing my bass drum heads, so I ditched it and just left in the case. Mitch saw it picked it up banged it on the stage floor with a tremendous thump, and said I gotta have this. I sold it to him for £2.00. When we met many years later in the late ’70’s I reminded him of the beater. He said he had used all through the Experience days and still used it to that day.

What a sad loss to the music industry, and it should be noted somewhere, by someone the influence that Mitch had on rock drumming and drummers throughout his career.