Album Cover Shoot

I have been working frantically putting the final touches to a set of pics for a new CD that is due out by a girl singer named Kara Tobin. I don’t know a lot about Kara other than she is a true grafter. She turned up at the location of the shoot with a couple of changes of clothes, some motorbike leathers, a Dobro and an acoustic six string,and said “right where do you want me?”  Whereby she promptly changed out of her street clothes into some leathers there and then right in the middle of the Superbikes showroom! From then on it was non stop.  We shot about 200 shots and we had her upside down, laying here and there, and she just relished every minute of it. It was only later that I discovered she has her own bike at home in Bridgend but it is only a 125cc and she can’t wait to pass her test to move to the ‘beasty’ class.

The producer of the record is an old friend, Kevin King who runs Silverword Music Group, and Kevin was acting for one of his clients who resides in Cyprus. Kevin said “the brief is that she has to be sitting on a motorbike with a guitar on her back and probably shot in mono”. So the next the step was to find the Location, which we did at SW-Superbikes I have never seen so many motor cycles under one roof. If you are a fan of these beasts (and it’s difficult not to be when you see all that gleaming chrome-work and heavy metal) you should make your way down there in Newport South Wales and breath in some of that atmosphere.

All in all a nice friendly session, the chaps at SW-Superbikes were… super? Very friendly and nothing was too much trouble for them, we did our best to stay out of their hair and not let all that flashing strobes put off the customers.
So look out for Kara Tobin she has a Myspace site and the record will be available from Silverword Music next month.

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  1. Thanks for the comments Fake, (hope you don’t mind me calling you by your first name). She’s a nice kid has a cool voice, but if you are into Jefferson, she may not be your cup of tea! Once again thanks for the nice words.Cheers


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