Put against ‘The Wall’

So it seems that justice (or whatever!) has finally caught up with the legendary music producer Phil Spector who was convicted of murder in America today.

There can be no doubt that the guy was a genius, just listen to some of those early hit records from the likes of The Righteous Bros, Tina Turner, The Ronnetts etc. and you are immediately absorbed into the whole song. It’s just as if the session has come out of the cones and wrapped itself around you and sucked you in!

But unfortunately like many a great genius before him, it appears that dear old Phil (69) may well have lost the plot! It is rumoured that he will spend the rest of his life in Jail where he will have lot’s of time to wait for Mr Postman, I guess this time the jury Lost That Loving Feeling for Phil…Ok sorry… I’ll stop now.

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