Good-bye Dear Friend

This is a picture of my old friend Peter Hugget. Peter was the bass player in the Lonnie Donegan skiffle group and a very good friend. I took this pic of him just after take-off on an Australia trip with the group.

Peter was with Lonnie for many years, first as a bass player, then as part time Personal Manager and Records Producer.
Peter died on Wednesday 22nd July 2009 at his home in Norfolk with his beloved wife Judy by his side. Peter was 83 and died from Lung and Bowel cancer.
There is a nice clip here on YouTube of Peter in Donegan group playing My Dixie Darling.
Peter was one of life’s gentlemen, he always had a smile on his face, and was a great practical joker – that seemed to be a major requisite of the Donegan band – as was Lonnie and Les Bennetts.
I was fortunate enough to actually play with Pete for a couple of years before he retired from playing. And speaking as the drummer of the that particular ‘group’ (there were a number of variations) I don’t think I ever played with a happier or ‘swingier’ bass player than him, a great exponent of the slap-bass method. He stayed with the band for a number of years after that, as Lonnie’s Personal Manager and our Tour Manager. Peter was a natural at his new post, and I have never seen anyone since negotiate with airline staff over the extra costs involved in flying 6 guys, their luggage and about 1/2 ton of equipment 1/2 way around the world and paying nothing extra for the gear!
A wonderful man, and someone I will miss greatly. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife Judy who Peter adored.
His funeral is on Wednesday August 4th at Kings Lynn Crematorium. Judy informs me that towards the end both her and Peter had wonderful support from the Macmillan Nurses and she would love anyone who is considering sending flowers, to send donations in Peter’s name instead.
If anyone is interested, please leave your comments here on my blog and I will forward you the details.