Marketing with Barclays Bank

As I have mentioned a few times before, I am quite actively involved in Management and Business Development, and, whilst in the process of sorting pics etc to digitise I came across this clip. It was a promotion that I was organising/co-ordinating with Barclays Bank and Venture Wales.  Venture Wales are one of the most successful Enterprise Agencies in Wales and literally start (or help to start) 100’s of businesses each year.

This particular event took place in Newport and was held at the Hilton Hotel. It really was a spectacular evening and Jim McLaughlin, the keynote speaker, really knew how to get his audience going. Lots of good advice and helpful tips were given out and it was nice to see lots of happy smiling people taking it all in.

If anyone is interested in starting their own business and feel they would benefit from some sound advice, get in touch with Venture Wales, who can point you in the right direction, before you start the business.
I should point out that I am not an employee of either Venture Wales or Barclays bank and all the comments I make on my blog are specifically mine.
Although, no longer employed by Venture Wales, I do provide training services for their clients, as an external independent Adviser.