Peter Bocking who has sadly passed away

Peter Bocking
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Peter was one of life’s unique people.
I have some very fond memories of Peter that go back to when he came for the audition for the Lonnie Donegan band in about 1971. We had been auditioning all day and were all pretty cheesed off. Peter came in next.  He was tired, as he had travelled from Manchester to London, slightly stooped, (as even in those days he suffered tremendous pain with his back, and sitting on a train for a couple of hours hadn’t helped) and was wearing an obvious and not very good hair piece. We all looked at each other and silently thought…. eh hem… ere we go.

He set up his guitar (which gave us a surprise as it was a ‘jazzers’ guitar and not what we had expected) a Gibson L5. Lonnie counted it in and off we went! Peter literally blew us away! Suddenly we all woke up and he inspired us to play, he was a wonderful musician. 

I’m pleased to say Pete stayed with the band for quite a while and every time we did a tour he and I would be ‘Roomies’.  I have a great tape of a Jam we did at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas with some of the members of the New Vaudeville Band, who were all accomplished musicians. The music is great, especially considering that it was 4.00 am and we had been drinking all night. Or in Pete’s case all week!! 

Of all the outstanding and memorable guitarists I have had the pleasure to work with during the past 40 years, ‘Bocking’ (as he was lovingly known) is right up there with the best of them.  God bless you Peter, and now at least no more of that excruciating pain you have endured for 30 years plus. 

You may not have had any blood family left, but I know that you know, you were loved by so many.


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