Help for businesses in Wales

I thought our readers ought to see this article and to ask them to sign the petition. It will only take a few minutes but it can make a tremendous difference to the people and the businesses involved.
Hello everyone, please will you help?
I am new to this group and look forward to getting involved in discussions and networking. In the meantime could I possibly ask for your support?
You may have read in the press of the government’s intention to give a £6m grant to the Humber Bridge Company to enable them to freeze the tolls until 2011. The reason the Minister for Transport Sadiq Khan, gave for doing this was that “the Government is committed to doing everything it can to protect communities and businesses from economic downturn and to help the country recover”
This provoked an angry response from many transport/haulage businesses in Wales and the South-West that the same commitment was not being afforded to them. FTA responded with a press release saying that the recession is not discriminating by region and neither should the government.
But this doesn’t just affect transport companies, although the tolls they pay for commercial vehicles are the highest in the UK, the knock-on effect of this is felt by everyone in one way or another; it affects all companies who have to use the Severn Crossing in carrying out their business. Although both the bridges are owned by Severn River Crossing plc, it didn’t stop the government applying VAT to the tolls and just extending the repayment period instead of increasing the tolls. The bridges will not revert back to public ownership until around 2016.
I just feel that something should be done. Why should Welsh businesses not get the same help that is being afforded in a similar situation elsewhere?
While we wait for a response from the Minister, would you please help by signing the petition asking the government to at least look at helping the Welsh economy

Thank you
Denise Lovering