Continuing with the advance of Spring

Trying to get out as much as possible, but time is always a problem, however, finding some interesting stuff in my archives.

In sifting through some old memorabilia the other day I found this signed photo of Lonnie Donegan. It was my first visit to a theatre and my my first live show. I was blown away! I stood outside the stage door for an hour waiting for an autograph. When he finally came out he gave me this pic. Little did I know then that in 12 years time I would be playing in his group!

Lonnie's autograph from 1955/6
The King of Skiffle

On the subject of Spring however, I did manage to get out for an hour just to my local patch. I didn’t see a lot of wildlife, but I did manage to get this shot of, what I believe to be a sparrow with dinner for the family.

That should take care of dinner for the family