Day 3 At Gigrin.

I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Firstly the Buzzard I spoke about on Day 1, has been to the Vet’s who provided some eye-drops which have to be applied regularly. As Chris Powell is (who, with his mum Lena are the owners at Gigrin) is back fro  a short break, he will no doubt be taking care of that.

Today I was introduced to Pedro. He really is a very nice little 6 year old donkey. We made a bond I gave him a Victory ‘V’ lozenge  and he promised not to bite me. Although I think that sheep dog may have had a word in his ear.

Pedro shows his friendly side by nuzzling my hand
Pedro shows what he is capable of if, he chose to follow the sheepdog's advice!

6 thoughts on “Day 3 At Gigrin.”

  1. Hi Mark
    Pedro was brought in as a companion for Honey, the 30 year old pony, who is sadly no more. Now Pedro needs a play mate – I look forward to seeing who/what that will be on our next visit.

    It’s lovely to read other peoples accounts of Gigrin, it’s a beautiful, relaxing spot, great for a brain defrag for us city dwellers.


    1. Hi Angela
      Sorry to take so long to reply. Yes Gigrin is gorgeous and we love to go there whenever we can, which is not often enough, although we do intend to try and change that in 2012.
      Maybe we will all catch-up sometime.


    1. Thanks Alex.
      Yes he was very cute, he is a recent newcomer to The Gigrin, brought in I think as an attraction for the children. He is 6 years old and I have to say he is the friendliest horse/mule/donkey whatever, I have ever had the pleasure to meet. And that’s from someone who has always been a little cautious when it comes to the equine lot.
      Thank you for your interest, most appreciated.


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