RSPB Bird death toll on holiday island reaches one million

Check out the above Birdguides site re the slaughter of these birds.

Red Backed Shrike trapped on a Lime Pole

The above photo is one I have borrowed direct from BirdGuides Ltd which demonstrates one of the methods that are being used to trap and kill many, many birds. Please visit their site now, and let’s think of way that we can stop this slaughter on Cyprus. The birds are being trapped on their way migrating from Europe to Africa. The Birdguides article also explains that , RSPB Cyprus have organised a campaign to collect signatures and it is intended to be presented to Cyprus Ministers.

Apparently the birds are trapped and slaughtered to provide local restaurants with a delicacy described as ambelopoulia. I promise you when you visit the site above you will be amazed at the species that are be killed.

7 thoughts on “RSPB Bird death toll on holiday island reaches one million”

  1. This is dreadful Mark. Birds are magnificent creatures and shouldn’t be slaughtered to satisfy the gourmet.

    Thanks for your kind comments. Be advised that my ebook was written several years ago with a focus on pdf as the final product.


    1. Thanks Katie, it’s like Miriam said in her comment below, it makes one wonder who the ‘Animals’ are. I’m not absolutely sure but I seem to remember that humans are the only animal that will kill for pleasure.


  2. This is horrible Mark!!! I had a look at the website…. sooooooooo sad!!!! 😦 thanks for sharing – – – one needs to be made aware of these situations!! **


    1. Absolutely Xandre, thanks for checking out the site, pass on the message. The more people we make aware of this kind of thin the more chance we may have of stopping it.


  3. That is just bloody sad and awful 😦 These poor creatures must die a horrible death. To think that humans calls animals “animals”. The only animal is man himself …. Thanks for sharing though. Will sign petition.


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