Computer probs!

I have been using Apple Macs now for about…..7 years. During that time I can honestly say that I have never had any problems with viruses. However, I recently uploaded and paid for a programme called  MacKeeper. It seems to be very good except that, even though it is now standing guard over the computer and stopping all the baddies, I am now NOT able to send out any emails from my desktop, (I haven’t tried the MacBook Pro, iPhone or iPad yet) since a couple of hours ago. Every time I send an email I get a message that says something like unable to send due to abuse! As it happens I don’t think it is anything to do with the software, but a strange coincidence eh?

The email ISP is Yahoo and I have been on their help pages without any luck. There is one message on Yahoo that says if I get something like a Temporary failure to send, I should check again in 24 hours! I just hope I don’t have to send an urgent email containing some pics to a client during the wait.

Meanwhile, I am stuck at home as the weather is not so good. We have had the wettest June since records began in 1910, and now we are promised a similar July. As I write this there are 147 emergency flood warnings across the Country for this weekend.

Good old British Summertime! 

In the words of the Jewish Santa Claus….Oy Vey what a day!


9 thoughts on “Computer probs!”

  1. A pop-up window showed up for that software on my iMac yesterday. I downloaded it initially thinking it was Mac software, decided to do a little research, then deleted it before I actually installed it. I hope you get it figured out!


    1. Thank Nic
      I have been on the computer for about 6 hours trying to solve the programme with the online help of the Yahoo Technician, which BTW cost me £35.00! And, although he was very professional and helpful, I’m not sure he has fixed anything. It is working right now, but that is because I deleted a couple of emails in the Outbox. I just hope that it is solved. What happened just out of the blue was when I tried to reply to an email to Scot Kelby (the Photoshop guy) and to my son I received a message that said, “can’t send message due to possible abuse’! Anyway, we will see what happens from now on, especially as I am £35 poorer than I was when I woke up this morning!


  2. Oh dear this is not so good…. have you tried disabling the Mackeeper ?
    Thwere is sun here at the moment I really MUST get off my chair and get out to try to tidy up the garden a bit ! Impossible lately


  3. I’ve only had a MAC for a couple of years, and so far so good. The only problems I have are operator error ones…. I hope you get your mail sorted soon Mark… take care.


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