East Scotland sea eagle chick fledges: what fate awaits this one?

I tend to reblog these posts from Raptor Persecution Scotland, mainly because I feel as many people as possible should have some idea of what is going on in Scotland as far as Birds of Prey are concerned. When will this Government ever do something for the people?…..No NOT the people who own the Grouse moors and who donate to the Government coffers. I mean the ordinary person, people like me who just love wildlife and want to enjoy the countryside, and probably more importantly, ensure that there is something for my grandchildren to enjoy.
We must call for stiffer penalties for those convicted of crimes against nature. Especially those who are employed in the countryside and are supposed to love it, not poison Eagles and buzzards and the like. Take their licenses off them, both trading and shotgun/firearm licenses. Stop them working in the industry. And the Gamekeepers I have met in my time would never resort to the kind of tactics that these Scottish types are up to.

Raptor Persecution UK

For the second consecutive year, a young white-tailed eagle has successfully fledged from a nest in east Scotland.

His sibling, who hatched in 2013, un-mysteriously ‘disappeared’ earlier this year in a notorious raptor persecution blackspot in the Cairngorms National Park (see here and here). He was the first sea eagle to fledge in east Scotland in over 200 years but he didn’t even survive to see his first birthday. His satellite transmitter went silent after he’d visited a driven grouse moor where previously a head gamekeeper had been convicted of poisoning offences (2006), a poisoned golden eagle had been found in 2011 (no prosecution), a poisoned buzzard had been found in 2011 (no prosecution), poisoned bait had been discovered in 2011 (no prosecution) and a short-eared owl had been found in 2011 that had been shot and shoved underneath a rock (no prosecution). The police raided the estate in…

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One thought on “East Scotland sea eagle chick fledges: what fate awaits this one?”

  1. Quite disgusting that these ignorant bigots get away with these things year after year with no prosecution. This is not right….

    Absolutely Bob… Whoever it was who said ‘the law is an Ass’ new a thing or two.


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