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The Watchman

I have just finished shooting the last watch for my client I was quite pleased that as I was e-mailing him the photo-files, they were going straight onto ebay and were being sold. Which meant that the pics must have been not too bad!

However, that is the end of that contract for the moment, due to ‘credit crunch’ restrictions on the jewellery business.

Ideal Business Show – Wales

On Wednesday 3rd September I visited the Ideal Business Show in Cardiff.  It was a 2-day event and the number of businesses who were on display there was refreshing to see, especially in the light of the recession prophecy!

One of the businesses  that put on a colourful show was an Indian restaurant who are located in 131 Albany Road Cardiff, named Punitha’s.  If any of the tasty samples that were available on their stand are anything to go by, then diners are in for a treat! 
There were also a number of excellent speakers present, one of which I have personally heard some great things about – Rachel Elnaugh.  Readers will no doubt remember her from the first series of ‘Dragons Den’.  Unfortunately for Rachel, as I understand it, her business got into some financial trouble (exactly what I do not know) however, she is certainly coming back strong if Wednesday’s presentation is anything to go by. I was unable to stay and listen to the whole of Rachel’s Breakfast Seminar as I had work to do photographing some of the businesses displaying at the show, but when I left she was in full swing talking about how she worked her way out of troubles and offered some good advice to those present on what to do should they have similar problems.



The whole festival weekend appeared to be a fantastic success, with some exciting groups and acts. Stuart Marshall (he of www.creative and I spent the three days shooting Morris Dancers and groups from dawn till dusk. More pix will be found at and The Two Rivers site at

Pix here show the, Mickey Sharpz sponsored, Big Top marquee, and the Oysterband. Billy In The Lowground, who were playing at the late John Butler Session in the Jester marquee. And, One String Loose performing at the Chepstow Castle main stage.
Anyone wishing to purchase any of the photos from the weekend can find details at Stu’s site Creative-Depictions.

I understand that preparations and planning for next year are already well underway.


Last weekend Stuart & I were asked if we would photograph the 2 Rivers Folk Festival in Chepstow. The festival is an excellent weekend of great fun for everyone. The brains behind the event are two very able business people, Mike Lewis and Tim Ryan pictured talking to each other, Mike with the specs on his head centre. 

There were some really good bands and performers, and the Morris Dancers in their colourful outfits were tremendous. With groups travelling from as far afield as Canada.
Amongst the bands that really caught my eye were, The Baghaddies, (See creative-depictions site for pix) The Oysterband and One String Loose, a group of young guys from Caldicot in Monmouthshire, UK. We will be posting more pictures on the web sites, creative-Depictions 

Small Businesses

I have been away for a while not literally you understand, but away from the opportunity to post anything here.
I have been involved with a couple of new clients who are just in the process of launching their businesses.

One will be operating an on-line business selling jewellery, and watches. The business has some really good ideas, and the products are all vintage, at least the watches are. I was amazed at the quality and condition of these watches. They are absolutely pristine. It makes one wonder if they were ever actually worn by the original owner(s).

My role for this company was just to photograph the merchandise.

The other business in a new record label, the label is run by two brothers from their base in London. Basically, one brother in responsible for the administration of the business. And the other, is mainly responsible for producing product (although they also occasionally write some stuff together).

My role here was basic business start-up advice in the first instance, which involved incorporating the company, raising finance and a photo shoot for publicity material.

Once again, I’ll post their details when everything is sorted.


It has been a year already since the 50th anniversary of the 2’i’s Coffee Bar was held at the 100 Club in Oxford Street London.

The 2’i’s was one of the first, if not THE first coffee bar in the UK where live music could be heard. Although I was a pro musician in 1960 in London, I regret I never had the chance to actually play there. However, I was a fairly regular visitor and, learn much from just being amongst the hot and sweaty crowd listening to the likes of, Vince Taylor and have some special memories of his drummer at that time, Bobby Woodman. Drums were my instrument and I had been taught the instrument in the classical way, i.e via a professional teacher (Geoff Myers) and learnt to read music, and loved Jazz and Big Band. Imagine my feelings the first time I heard this raw wild drummer with two bass drums playing Eddie Cochran’s “C’mon Everybody”. Bobby may not have been the greatest technician in the world at that time, but I had never heard anyone play drums like that before!

In later years I got to play with a number of the solo acts from that era including; Johnnie Gentle, Dickie Pride, Lance Fortune and Keith Kelly to name but a few.

At the 2007 Anniversary I was fortunate to meet up again with, Chas MacDevitte, who I had briefly played with in 1964 and Norman Sheffield who used to own Trident Studios in London’s Soho. The photo shows, me on the left, Chas facing the camera and Norman on the right.