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Old Friends

For a while in the early ’80’s I ran a music shop in Berkshire, UK. One of the nice things about working in a music shop is the interesting people that just ‘drop’ in. One person who dropped in regularly was a guy name Danny Clifford. After a while we got talking about photography, and at that time I was still a keen semi-pro. Whereas Danny had already been around the world with Bob Dylan as his tour photographer, and his office he shared with The Who.

I haven’t seen him in person for a number of years now but I did see him escorting Victoria Beckham on the recent TV programme of the Beckham’s move to the States.

His web site is well worth the visit at

Early Days of Skiffle

I was very pleased to receive this pic of one of the first popular skiffle groups. The leader of the band is Les Bennetts who eventually joined Lonnie Donegan, king of skiffle. I joined Lonnie on drums in 1968 and Les was in the band then. Les is, sadly no longer with us but he has left some great memories both musical and otherwise.

My thanks to June Appleby who was Les’s wife for many years in those heady crazy days of the late 50’s and early 60’s for this and many other fine pics, all of which will be published here as soon as we get the time.

More pics can be found at:

Dave Clark Five

When I was about 20 I was living in London trying to make a living as a musician. Being a drummer I would frequent Drum City, which was the first music shop solely for drummers and set up by the legendary Musical Instrument Industry giant, Ivor Arbiter. During my visits I would regularly bump into other drummers one of which was Dave Clark. At about that time Dave told me they had just landed a residency at the Tottenham Lorcarno (I think). it was not that long after that, that they had their first hit. The rest, as they say, is history.

How sad that I have just heard, that keyboard player and the voice on all those hit records, Mike Smith has just passed away. I know that he had had a fall in Spain which had left him paralysed, and he spent a great deal of time in Stoke Manderville Hospital. But apparently, he died of Pneumonia in the USA. So sad, and our thoughts and prayers go to his wife and family.

The Palladium Dancers

In 1968 I met and worked with a gang of dancers who worked mainly for the late Choreographer, Pam Devis. They were resident at the Palladium for a long time and supported many of the worlds greatest names in entertainment. One of the dancers-Ondrea Lloyd – I eventually married, and another, Connie Poor, became a lifelong friend to both of us and now lives in Perth Australia.

Connie has worked with just about everyone in the business at some time or other and is now, not only a great mother but grandmother to boot! She is also great source for old photos and recently sent us this picture of the girls, taken in the dressing room during the Val Doonigan Show at the Palladium, shooting a tea commercial.

Connie is in the front with her leg up on a chair back, and Ondrea is to the far left standing.

Anyone remember the Palladium Dancers, or perhaps you were one or know one, please leave a comment, it would great to make contact.

The only other names I can remember in the photo are; Chrissie Martin, Maggie Dew and Gaynor Martine.