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Green Shield Bug

I managed to find the time to cut the grass last week.  If truth be known it was probably more a case of finding the motivation rather than the time!  However, I did get out there front and back and was rewarded by finding this little fellow hitching a ride on the lawn mower.

I understand he is a Green Shield Bug – Palomena prasina. I know they are very common and I remember when my youngest son (Oli) was little, he was bug mad, and would very often bring into the house creatures such this to share with the family!

The Red Kite

I am by no means a great wildlife photographer! But, that doesn’t mean I am not a great wildlife photographer fan.

For years I have tried to improve my wildlife photography skills, and maybe I have had a modicum of success but not to any great level.
I have been watching recently, a TV show on the BBC about a number of keen wildlife enthusiasts competing for a place on the BBC Wildlife team based in Bristol. This is a great show and for anyone remotely interested in wildlife is well worth a watch. However, this show brought home to me how difficult it really is to capture ‘that’ shot and it made me appreciate all those great pics of birds and animals that we see every day and take for granted.
In 2005 I visited a place in Mid Wales called Gigrin Farm. It is a wonderful oasis in the beautiful Welsh countryside and well worth a visit. Check out their website here . Gigrin Farm is a Red Kite feeding station. They are, and have been dedicated to the well being of the Red Kite for many years now, and through their efforts have seen the bird population increase many fold.
If you are interested in wildlife photography then I strongly recommend to pay a visit.


It’s a shame really, but what is one supposed to do.  We moved into our new home only to be greeted by this little guy and his whole darn family!  And that included aunts and uncles from abroad coming here for holidays.  I mean these chaps were causing havoc. 

I tried a number of so called humane devices, but to no avail.  In the end we had to resort to the good old mouse trap.

So far it has worked, we haven’t had a more visitors for a couple of weeks now, but I’m not looking forward to the bad weather when our mousey friends decide to come back!  

I feel really bad when I see this little pic, but the trouble they were causing in our kitchen was no joke.